Galaxy Next Generation Announces a ‘One-Touch Solution’ to Secure Schools

‘G2 Secure’ will provide an all-in-one school safety, security and communication solution for district leaders

rise in campus gun violence following school re-openings in Spring of 2021 has heightened safety concerns—on top of pandemic-related health safety concerns. In response, Galaxy Next Generation is building an expanded solution for school and district leaders to secure school campuses and send alerts when seconds count.

By extending the programming and management capabilities of the G2 Communicator, Bell and Paging software, G2 Secure will enable instant communication during emergencies. Made possible through strategic partnerships and product integration, school and district leaders will be able to issue internal alerts, lock down a building and notify local law enforcement—all within seconds and via one interface.

“Providing a reliably secure teaching and learning environment is a priority for district leaders, and the solutions available should be held to the highest standards of modern technology,” said Gary LeCroy, Chief Executive Officer of Galaxy. “Early adopters will not have to wait until G2 Secure is fully available to protect staff and students this back-to-school season. Those who implement the three products independently will be upgraded to the complete offering as soon as it’s ready.”

G2 Visual Alerts provides instant campus communication to students and staff by overtaking the screen of any enrolled device. A partnership with HavenLock, Inc. provides instant wireless, door-locking capabilities, while a partnership with IN FORCE911 alerts first responders and others needing immediate notifications and chats.

Today, the three products can be implemented independently through G2 to secure school buildings during an emergency. During the second half of the 2021-22 school year, the three products will be fully integrated into the singular solution called G2 Secure, powered through the G2 Communicator software.

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