Funds For Learning Unveils Advanced & Enterprise Versions of the E-rate Manager Tool, Elevating E-rate Program Management

Funds For Learning, a leading E-rate compliance services firm, announces the expansion of its E-rate Manager® analytics tool. E-rate Manager® Advanced and Enterprise are the latest versions to help state coordinators and service providers to better manage E-rate activities. The upgrade, which compliments the 2022 release of the free tool for schools and libraries, positions the E-rate Manager® as the complete data solution for the E-rate stakeholders.

The E-rate Manager® tool is now offered for all program participants in the following three tiers:

  • Advanced; best for state coordinators
  • Enterprise; best for service providers
  • Free; best for individual applicants

“E-rate Manager has transformed how we approach funding evaluation and decision-making,” said a Category Two service provider. “As a sales manager, I used to spend countless hours scouring through disparate locations for crucial funding data. But now, thanks to this tool, everything I need is consolidated in one place. The historical data provided by E-rate Manager has given me unparalleled visibility into the past, present, and future demand for Wi-Fi equipment and professional services. It has become an indispensable asset as we strive to make informed choices and keep up-to-date on E-rate bidding activity in our area.”

Advanced and Enterprise help E-rate stakeholders track E-rate funding, meet critical deadlines, and make participating in the E-rate program more manageable. Additional features include:

  • Advanced:
    • Daily funding monitor
    • Saved searches and filters: Account-level & ProPack custom searches
    • Support & training
  • Enterprise:
    • Daily Form 470 notifications
    • Access to custom data
    • Advanced saved searches and filters (e.g., zip, area code)
    • Unlimited web conference training
    • Salesforce and CRM integrations
    • E-rate custom API

“With Advanced and Enterprise, state coordinators and service providers now have more insight into the E-rate program to help make more informed decisions and have easy access to public information that is otherwise difficult to track down and manage,” said Brian Stephens, Director of Stakeholder engagement at Funds For Learning. “Our goal is to provide comprehensive tools that simplify the E-rate program management process, enabling stakeholders to maximize funding potential and focus on what matters most—providing quality education to students.”

Last year, Funds For Learning announced the free E-rate Manager® tool for schools and libraries. The tool allows applicants to view their school or library’s funding history through several filters, giving them visibility into how funds have been requested, committed and disbursed.

To learn more about or set up a demo for E-rate Manager® Advanced and Enterprise, visit

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