Funds for Learning Releases Free ‘E-rate Manager’ Tool for Schools and Libraries

Funds for Learning, a leading E-rate compliance services firm, today announced the release of its free E-rate Manager® tool for schools and libraries. E-rate Manager® has been the leading E-rate data analytics tool for many years, and today the latest version is available to all E-rate applicants at no charge. The data tool will allow applicants to access their current and historical E-rate filing information to make informed decisions about their connectivity needs.

“E-rate Manager provides a meaningful way for applicants to review and evaluate publicly available funding data that otherwise exists in disparate locations. As we enter the 25th year of the E-rate program, this historical data lends applicants clear visibility into past, present and future internet connectivity demands,” said John Harrington, CEO at Funds for Learning. “We released this tool so E-rate applicants can have all the data points they need in a digital format to fully utilize available funding in a way that best serves students and library patrons.”

The new tool allows applicants to view their school or library’s funding history through several filters, giving them visibility into how funds have been requested, committed and disbursed.

Details include:

  • Free registration and use available to all applicants
  • Funding request information available for all funding years
  • Easily searchable
  • Access to form 470s for product and services requests
  • Leverages publicly available data from USAC
  • Updated daily

Funds For Learning encourages E-rate applicants to access E-rate Manager® when preparing to file during the upcoming filing window.

Register for the free E-rate Manager® at For updates regarding upcoming E-rate filing window, please visit

About Funds For Learning
Funds For Learning, LLC, is a compliance firm specializing in the federal E-rate funding program for schools and libraries. Funds For Learning has been supporting E-rate stakeholders in all 50 states since the E-rate program was established in 1997, helping them navigate the application process to receive support for internet access and Wi-Fi connectivity. To deliver applicant feedback to the Federal Communications Commission and Congress, Funds For Learning coordinates the annual E-rate Trends Report. For more information, please visit

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