Frog Street Pre-K Curriculum Linked to Improved School Readiness

Johns Hopkins School of Education study examined the impact of the Frog Street Pre-K curriculum on pre-K score gains across Texas, as measured by the CIRCLE assessment

Frog Street, an early childhood education company designed around the latest science in early brain development, has announced the results of a study conducted by the Johns Hopkins School of Education evaluating the efficacy of the Frog Street Pre-K curriculum with students in Texas. The study found that using Frog Street Pre-K curriculum was associated with positive gains in critical early learning domains and increased kindergarten readiness. Frog Street provides a bilingual pre-K curriculum organized into five subjects, five skill-content areas and supports for social-emotional development.

“Ensuring that children are prepared for kindergarten is crucial for their future academic success,” emphasized Jessica Bobo, Head of Product at Frog Street Press and a former Texas early childhood educator and leader. “The data speaks for itself: our students are developing a love for learning and building a strong academic foundation that will serve them well for years to come.”

The study analyzed approximately 78,000 Pre-K students from 316 school districts in Texas who were instructed using Frog Street Pre-K curriculum as their primary curriculum during the 2021-2022 academic year, compared to students who used a different Pre-K curriculum. The researchers assessed the performance of both sets of students in areas like reading, writing, language, health, and mathematics domains using the CIRCLE assessment from fall 2021 to spring 2022. Key findings include:

  • Frog Street Pre-K Students Experience Positive Learning Gains. Frog Street’s Pre-K curriculum produced significant learning gains in most subjects for English and Spanish-speaking students, especially in reading, compared to those using another curriculum.
  • Frog Street Establishes a Foundation for Kindergarten Readiness. The study found that the Frog Street curriculum established a strong foundation for kindergarten readiness, with most students meeting the CIRCLE assessment benchmarks across various critical early learning domains.
  • Access to Frog Street Curriculum Impacts Learning Gains for Spanish-Speaking Students. Spanish-speaking Pre-K students who used the Frog Street curriculum showed remarkable improvements in all domains, including reading, demonstrating the positive impact of the curriculum’s inclusive, multilingual approach to instruction.

“Transitioning to kindergarten is not simply a series of activities, but a comprehensive process that helps children and families build the knowledge, skills, and relationships necessary for success in a new educational environment,” said Lee Ramsayer, Chief Executive Officer at Frog Street. “The recent Johns Hopkins study demonstrates that the Frog Street curriculum effectively prepares English- and Spanish-speaking students for kindergarten. As a global leader in early childhood education, we will use these findings to continue to equip teachers across the nation with the resources they need to ensure every child sees success.”

Frog Street is used in over 40% of Texas public pre-K classrooms.

For additional insights into the Johns Hopkins study findings, download the full report here.

To learn more about the research basis behind Frog Street curricula, visit

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