Free July 10 Mission Mars space webinar for students featuring NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, astrophysicist Kamen Kozarev

BYJU’S FutureSchool Summer Program is offering a Saturday July 10 free morning webinar (7am Pacific Time; 10 am Eastern) called “Mission Mars” featuring Nasa Astronaut Scott Kelly, astrophysicist Kamen Kozarev, and educator Rajeev Jha, which is open to all students. Great for students interested in space travel, math and coding. While free to register, note, it is not a 1 step but 2 step registration process.

Objective: A unique convergence where coding meets outer space. Code and Decode your way to an outerworld journey.

Why Join Mission Mars?

  • Unravel the mysteries of the space for your child
  • Visualise and get answers to why earth is shaped the way it is
  • Journey Through The Life of a comet

What Takes Place

  • Live Q&A Session with NASA astronaut
  • Unlock the mysteries about Comets – Live demo
  • Exclusive video access to make your home a planetarium
  • Hackathon Access – Get a sneak peek into the Hackathon Finale

Registration is a 2-step process

STEP 1. Register for a free trial class at FutureSchool link ( After that, you are eligible to participate.

STEP 2. Register here for event:

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