Free Guide: “Trauma Skilled Literacy Instruction and Social-Emotional Learning”

Trauma Skilled Literacy Instruction and Social-Emotional Learning” is a new 16-page guide authored by recognized thought leaders Dr. Sandy Addis, Dr. Doug Fisher and Dr. Donna Wright.  Available for free to districts, teachers and parents, this resource aims to provide improved support for students and their families at a time when the pandemic’s impact on children’s health is being felt nationwide.

This online guide provides readers with:

  • A thorough understanding of how trauma impacts learning
  • Practical steps to address COVID learning loss
  • Real-life examples of districts finding success

Drs. Addis, Fisher and Wright have compiled this user-friendly guide to give readers useful strategies to help students move past trauma and succeed both emotionally and academically. They include:

  • How to help trauma-impacted students succeed
  • Teaching hope and resilience to traumatized students
  • Building relationships with SEL and literacy instruction

This new guide is published by Achieve3000, a leader in differentiated and personalized instructional platforms currently used by more than five million students both in school and online.  “Trauma Skilled Literacy Instruction and Social-Emotional Learning” comes on the heels of Achieve3000’s other guide, “The Power of Culturally Responsive Literacy Instruction,” published in February 2021 and which is also available for free to the community.

Download the Guide

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