Free EdTech Tools From TextHelp Make Math Digital & Engage Students to Write More

We just had to make you aware of these edtech tools from our friends at Texthelp. Premium features are available for upgraded accounts, but the free versions are pretty cool. Check them out!

Making Math Digital

EquatIO is a STEM tool that allows students to delve into the world of digital and collaborative math and science.

Built on Universal Design for Learning principles, EquatIO supports a wide range of learning styles and preferences meaning that it enables students with varying needs to practice and conceptualize core math concepts at their own pace. Through its various inputs, students can engage with math content and express themselves in the way that best suits their unique needs – through written work, visualizations, audio, and more. EquatIO understands what you’re typing or handwriting, instantly turning your expressions into clear, accurate on-screen formulas. Also, EquatIO is free for K-12 teachers.

Encouraging Students to Write More

WriQ is a cloud-based writing assessment and achievement tool that instantly evaluates and provides feedback on student writing with the goal of increasing proficiency.

For students, WriQ uses learning analytics to provide ongoing positive feedback, motivating them to track and improve their level of writing skill. WriQ is offered as a free extension through Google Docs or an add-in for Microsoft Word and can be upgraded by schools and districts to access premium features.

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