Classroom Champions Annual Teacher Summit Wednesday, January 27

This year, the Classroom Champions Teacher Summit is open to ALL TEACHERS. Yes you heard us right, invite a friend or two to join us to learn some awesome organizational tips from keynote speaker Rachel Rosenthal and learn from your peers in teacher-led breakouts.

This year’s Teacher Summit will be held virtually on Zoom, so register today for free to join us on Wednesday, January 27th, from 4–6pm PT/7–9pm ET.

Our special keynote speaker, Rachel Rosenthal, will join us with some turnkey and fruitful information for everyone! Rachel is a Professional Organizer, Organizing Expert, and owner of Rachel & Company. She will provide teachers with tips and tricks focused on organization and wellbeing. The presentation will include practical tips for working from home as well as working in person in a classroom. So very useful!

The Classroom Champions Teachers Summit is a celebration of the K-12 teaching community across the nation! Each year, Classroom Champions honors teachers by providing a platform for them to share their best practice and tips with each other. You know best what is needed for your students, and your peers understand your experiences thoroughly — especially this past year.

Register today for free to join your fellow teachers on Wednesday, January 27th, as they lead several breakout sessions that will include:

  • Student Advocacy: What are the ways teachers can ignite student voice through Classroom Champions programming in the classroom? Turnkey and concrete examples will be explored.
  • Growth Mindset in the Classroom: I can’t do that … YET! How can teachers help introduce and incorporate a growth mindset into their classroom culture?
  • Outside-the-Box Challenges: How can Classroom Champions encourage students to think in innovative ways to solve challenges? Let’s get creative together!
  • Integrating Classroom Champions into Curriculum: How can Classroom Champions work with your ELA and/or STE(A)M curricula? Explore the many cross-curricular learning objectives and connections.
  • Students in Crisis: Retired educator Ken Baldwin will share his Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) training to discuss best practices for student wellbeing, including suicide prevention.

You will come away from this Teacher Summit with tools to bring back to your virtual and in-person classrooms. Plus, you will make new connections with other teachers from the Classroom Champions community and beyond for this New Year!

As a special thank you, the first 15 registrants will receive a surprise gift from Classroom Champions! So spread the word and register today for free to join us on Wednesday, January 27th, from 4–6pm PT/7–9pm ET.

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