Flinn Scientific’s ‘New Teacher Academy’ Provides Valuable Training & Resources on Science Safety

Flinn Scientific

To support safety best practices in the classroom and lab, Flinn Scientific has launched the New Teacher Academy specifically for science teachers who have been teaching for three years or less. As part of the free academy, teachers can participate in safety webinars and receive a hands-on kit with safety-related materials all while getting their questions answered by Flinn’s team of experts.

“Creating a safe and engaging learning environment for students is a top priority for all science educators,” said Michael Lavelle, CEO of Flinn Scientific. “With the New Teacher Academy, educators new to the profession will receive the guidance, resources, and supports needed to understand exactly what a safe science environment entails and how it can be applied in their own classrooms and labs this school year.”

The three-part, webinar series kicks off on September 15, 2021 and runs each Wednesday until September 29, 2021. During the 90-minute webinars – titled New Teacher 101, New Teacher 102, and New Teacher 103, respectively – teachers will learn about 10 major areas of science safety, including handling protocols, chemical and specimen storage, student safety guidance, first aid, PPE usage, regulatory compliance, and more. Upon completing all the webinars, teachers will receive a Professional Development New Science Teacher Certification.

Teachers will also receive the New Teacher Starter Pack which provides information and resources for teachers to build upon their newly-acquired safety knowledge. Resources in the kit include a chemical storage pattern poster, safety poster, periodic table poster, a WhiteBox Learning glider, Flinn catalog with safety reference guide, and $25 coupon for first-time Flinn purchasers.

Additionally, all teachers will have on-call access to Flinn’s safety experts who can answer questions or concerns as they arise and throughout the school year.

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