Flinn Scientific Hosts Free Webinars to Help District Leaders & K-12 Educators Navigate this School Year

Flinn Scientific

Flinn Scientific, a flagship provider of science lab materials and safety and STEM solutions for the K-16 education market, is hosting new webinars to help educators at all levels successfully navigate this school year. As part of its free Professional Learning Webinar Series, the two upcoming webinars – ‘Dynamic Funding and Grant Proposal Writing from Flinn’ and ‘COVID-19 Safety in the Science Department’ – will each have a school district leader- and K-12 educator-version to specifically address the needs of each unique audience.

“With the ever-changing dynamics of this school year, it is imperative educators at every level have access to the most up-to-date information and best practices available,” said Michael Lavelle, CEO of Flinn Scientific. “These hour-long webinars will provide actionable information to support educators looking to acquire needed funding and ensure a safe and healthy teaching and learning environment.”

The session ‘Dynamic Funding and Grant Proposal Writing from Flinn’ will help educators identify funding sources and the essential alliances needed to advance science programs; secure additional funding through the use of grants and successful proposal applications; and enhance teaching and learning with comprehensive resources for K-12 science and STEM education. It will also provide guidance for updating lab equipment and technology using newly-acquired funding.

The session ‘COVID-19 Safety in the Science Department’ will review and provide best practices and protocols for prevention, sanitation, disinfection, and hygiene. It will help educators understand how science labs should be assessed with COVID-19 safety in mind; the proper protocols for having students in the building and operating remotely; what should be considered for science prep areas; and the safety infrastructure items that should be addressed for the science department to pass inspection for student presence and safety.

Additional webinars examining the important and pivotal role educators at all levels play in this current 2020 education climate are also available for on-demand viewing.

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