FEV Tutor Receives $115,000 Grant from National Nonprofit Accelerate to Make High-Impact Tutoring Sustainable & Cost Effective

FEV Tutor today announced that it has been selected to receive a 2023-2024 Call to Effective Action research grant in the amount $115,000 from Accelerate, a national nonprofit working to make high-impact tutoring a standard feature of the American school day. FEV Tutor’s team of researchers will be working with J-PAL, an MIT-based research center, to implement and evaluate a randomized control trial.

“In the face of the existing national achievement gaps, there is nothing more important than delivering equitable and impactful academic support that drives learning acceleration for all students, regardless of economic status,” said CEO of FEV Tutor, Jim Tormey. “We are honored to join Accelerate’s 2023 Call to Effective Action as a research grant recipient. The important work that Accelerate is doing will help make high impact tutoring a permanent part of the nation’s public education system and for our part, further enrich our evidence-based tutoring model and expand its positive impact on student outcomes that will have a lasting effect in students’ lives.”

FEV Tutor’s targeted high-impact tutoring intervention model is the gold standard for accelerating learning outcomes with the hardest to reach low-performing students. As a category leader and a Level 2 ESSA research and evidence-based intervention, FEV Tutor’s virtual tutoring programs are customized to meet the diverse needs of every learner by offering its public schools, districts, and charter school partners a consultative approach to collaboratively design and deliver tutoring programs that are tailor-fit to specific student achievement needs, goals, and initiatives. It matches students with the same instructor from lesson to lesson, establishing a positive relationship. To ensure concept mastery, each session concludes with a formative assessment exit ticket, and students provide feedback about their experience.

Grounded in research on effective tutoring principles and instruction, FEV Tutor addresses core, supplemental, and special needs learning. In addition, FEV Tutor earned the Research-Based Design Product Certification from Digital Promise and continues to pursue industry-leading product certifications and accolades.

“The evidence behind tutoring as an intervention is strong and the field is making tremendous progress, but we still need more providers with a proven track record that can also scale,” said Accelerate CEO Kevin Huffman. “Before the federal pandemic relief dollars dry up, we have an opportunity – and a responsibility – to identify these providers and ensure they are able to deliver cost-effective programs and present evidence that they get results for kids.”

FEV Tutor was selected for a Call to Effective Action grant because of its commitment to developing and scaling a research-backed tutoring model that improves outcomes for all students, especially those in historically underserved communities.

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