FEV Tutor is a Finalist in the 2022 Best of STEM Awards in the Bridging the Gap: Tutoring Programs for STEM Category

FEV Tutor, the most comprehensive virtual tutoring solution in K-12, has been selected as a finalist in the 2022 Educators Pick Best of STEM Awards. FEV Tutor is recognized in the “Bridging the Gap: Tutoring Programs for STEM” category.

The Educators Pick Best of STEM Awards is the only program created for educators and judged by a qualified panel of STEM educators. The Bridging the Gap series of awards acknowledges products and services for educators to help accelerate student learning.

“With the widespread disruptions to learning during the pandemic, bridging the gap is a top priority for districts and schools. FEV Tutor partners with K-12 educators to provide students with personalized, engaging instruction any time, any place,” said Daniel Hebert, Vice President of Innovation and Growth for FEV Tutor. “We are thrilled to be recognized by STEM educators for our tutoring programs and their impact in accelerating student growth.”

FEV Tutor’s 1:1 online tutoring platform provides live academic instruction and support to students 24/7. Content covers curriculum from third grade to twelfth grade across several areas, and can be delivered via many program models.

FEV Tutor is designed to operate as a natural extension of each school’s or district’s learning environment, and to deliver personalized academic intervention where it is needed most. As part of FEV Tutor’s comprehensive, two-way data-sharing approach, ongoing progress updates provide educators insight into making instructional decisions in real-time and ensure that FEV Tutor demonstrates accountability for personalized student growth in STEM subjects.

The Educators Pick Best of STEM finalists were announced at the ISTE 2022 education technology conference. Winners will be announced on July 21 at the NSTA National Conference on Science Education.

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