Everyday Speech Enhances Social Learning Platform with Full SEL Curriculum, Personalized Dashboard, and Instructional Supports

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Boston, Mass. — Sept. 10, 2019 — To integrate social-emotional learning (SEL) into preK-12 schools, teachers and school-based professionals need easy access to evidence-based strategies and tools. After helping educators in more than 2,000 districts across the country improve SEL instruction with the Social Learning Platform, Everyday Speech is enhancing its flagship product with an expanded SEL curriculum, personalized dashboard, and new instructional supports.

“We created the Social Learning Platform to bring innovative technology into SEL and provide teachers and other school-based professionals with a go-to place for no-prep SEL lessons and resources,” said Brittany Brunell, a speech-language pathologist and the founder of Everyday Speech. “Since introducting the platform, one of the most common questions we’ve heard is, ‘Where do I start?’ So, with this new version, we’ve created dozens of premade lesson units —coupled with more than 1,000 resources — that walk educators through a skill from beginning to end. We’ve also improved the dashboard and added new training videos to save time and help them jump right in.”

The Social Learning Platform provides centralized access to SEL video lessons, printable activities, and online games. The enhanced online platform now includes a full SEL curriculum with hundreds of new, ready-made SEL lessons at teachers’ fingertips, so they can spend less time searching for materials and prepping lessons, and more time teaching. Using the evidence-based strategy of video modeling, the lessons help students develop and improve and SEL skills, while fostering carryover and generalization of these skills to different contexts. In addition, premade lesson bundles take the guesswork out of teaching SEL skills by providing everything needed to introduce, practice, apply, and review targeted skills. The lesson bundles are organized by skill and the goals within each skill to make it easy to find the right content for students.

The Social Learning Platform dashboard is now personalized to each educator, based on the materials they use. This makes it easy to jump back to recently viewed videos or goals, or the last place they were in the curriculum. Educators can also create and save their own playlists of content, or they can access guided lists to help them work toward specific SEL goals.

To help educators quickly get up to speed, the Social Learning Platform includes new training videos with tips and ideas from Brunell. There are also new posters and visual aids that can be printed and displayed in the classroom or sent home for skill reinforcement. 

The Social Learning Platform can be used with individuals, groups, or an entire class. It works on any computer, laptop, or iPad, and runs entirely in the web browser or iPad app so there is nothing to install. Educators can also download videos for use offline so they can access their materials anywhere they go.

About Everyday Speech

Everyday Speech, a leader in social-emotional skills education, developed the Social Learning Platform to provide the most comprehensive video-based SEL curriculum in preK-12 education. All of the video lessons within the curriculum leverage power of video modeling, an evidence-based practice for teaching social-emotional skills. The Social Learning Platform is used by thousands of school-based professionls, private practices and organizations, and parents around the world. For more information, visit

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