Evan Whitehead, Champion of Equity

Evan Whitehead, Champion of Equity

From the March/April 2021 issue of Equity & Access Pre K-12

Evan Whitehead is the Director of Special services for a PK–8 school district in Illinois. He’s also a national consultant, trainer and presenter with Dr. Ruby K. Payne’s aha! Process, Inc., providing local and national trainings, presentations, and speaking engagements.

“We must change the narrative of martyrdom in our profession. As educators, we are compassionate, empathetic, givers and fixers by nature. We sometimes care more about those we serve than we care about ourselves.” — Evan Whitehead

Over the course of his 20+-career, Evan has served as special education paraprofessional and teacher, Latino parent outreach coordinator, dean of student discipline, community outreach coordinator, Director of Tile 1, Special Services, Bilingual Education and ELs and Assistant Superintendent. He is also a passionate mental health advocate, mindfulness practitioner and proponent of equity, diversity and intercultural competency. His 3Bs, Balance, Boundaries, and Breaks, promote a lifestyle of self-advocacy in the areas of mental health, mindset, self-care, and well being.

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