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eBOARDsolutions Announces Major Update to Simbli Policy Module

eBOARDsolutions Announces Major Update to Simbli Policy Module.

One of six core modules that make up Simbli’s board management software, the Policy module helps school boards develop, communicate, and collaborate on policies and procedures in real time. Fully integrated with Simbli’s Meetings, Planning, Evaluations, Documents, and Communications Modules, the newly enhanced Policy Module provides governance teams even greater flexibility and control in managing all of the board’s important work.

“Through Simbli’s Policy module, our subscribers can not only access and make vital updates to their board policy manual, but also manage things like student and staff handbooks, school safety manuals, financial or IT procedures manuals, business continuity plans, and other critical manuals all in one place,” said Mark Willis, eBOARDsolutions Chief Operating Officer. “With Simbli, all of their manuals are easily searchable and 100% compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.”

In addition, the updates significantly improve both the functionality of the module, as well as the overall user experience.

New enhancements allow subscribers to:

  • Manage all types of policy or procedure manuals
  • View and print manuals and policies in multiple languages, on any device
  • Search, filter and display results by one, many, or all Simbli Policy subscribers
  • Do custom printings of a single policy, a section, or an entire manual
  • Collaborate and solicit public comment on draft policies, with inline comments
  • Customize and assign “sub-status” labels to draft policies
  • Automatically attach PDF versions of policies to board meeting agendas, strategic plans, or board evaluations
  • Access archived versions of policies
  • Provide enhanced safety and security with data backups – Simbli is SOC-2 certified, reducing the board’s cyber-risk by protecting confidential information and ensuring data privacy

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