Ellipsis Education Launches the Curriculum Delivery Platform

The new platform will provide everything educators need to teach computer science, delivered simply and in one place

Ellipsis Education, a leader in computer science curriculum for K-12 education, has launched the Curriculum Delivery Platform (CDP) that will provide everything educators need to teach computer science in one place.

The CDP is an online portal where teachers access and navigate Ellipsis courses. Designed to be mobile-responsive, the CDP makes the curriculum teachers know and love easier to use. Features of the CDP include:

  • Streamlined organization; 
  • Increased access to resources; 
  • Improved look and feel;
  • Access to a standards map on the lesson-level page; and 
  • Easier movement between courses.

“We hope that teachers will find this delivery tool efficient to use and attractive to view,” said Dr. Whitney Dove, CEO at Ellipsis Education. “Our goal is to put the curriculum at teachers’ fingertips, so they spend less time gathering their materials and more time doing what they do best—teaching!”

With the new CDP, teachers will only see the courses they have access to, color-coded by grade band, on their home screen. Tiles on the homescreen will also provide important information about course structure, such as number of days, along with quick access to course-level resources. A “Course Details” page provides days of instruction to make it easier to group lessons. It also offers important lesson-level information such as lesson title, type, length and sequence, with easy access to information such as activity descriptions, standards addressed, and materials and additional lesson-level resources. The “Lesson Detail” page offers the full lesson plan on the left of the screen along with all materials and resources needed to teach it linked on the right.

“As someone who has used the curriculum for the past three years, I was so excited to try out the new Ellipsis Education platform,” said Crystal Kistler, middle school teacher and Ellipsis Education customer. “I just LOVE the new platform for instructional materials. The new format for each lesson is much more user-friendly than the previous format. In addition to the Syllabus, Pacing Guide, and Standards Map located in the header of the home page for my course, lesson materials are easily accessed right at your fingertips and a click away, without looking for links within the lesson plan. Bravo on the new format!”

Users new to Ellipsis Education will automatically be set up and ready to use the new CDP. Current users have the option to use the new CDP as of June 1, 2023. Administrators who wish to switch their teachers over to the platform can email to request the transition. All teachers will have access to the new platform as of January 1, 2024.

For more information, interested educators can visit or drop by booth 1556 at the 2023 ISTE conference on June 25th-28th.

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