Ellevation Launches Ellevation Distance Learning


New, free resource designed for educators of English language learners

Ellevation is excited to launch Ellevation Distance Learning, a new, free resource designed for educators of English language learners to support the challenges presented by school closures during the COVID-19 crisis.

What is Ellevation Distance Learning? 

Ellevation Distance Learning is a resource which includes research-based activities specifically adapted to support teachers of English learners in distance learning environments, as well as curated ideas from a community of EL educators around the world. Our instructional activities promote professional development for teachers making the transition to distance learning environments, and our community supports educators with inspiring, useful information and media.  These resources are completely free of charge and accessible to anyone.  Ellevation Distance Learning is accessible at this link:

How does it work? 

Ellevation Distance Learning provides activities that enable teachers to deliver research-based practice EL instruction and ensure that English learners receive the differentiated instruction necessary to build language and learning in distance learning environments.  Each activity includes how-to instructions, as well as helpful tips and tricks, things to look out for, and evidence of success. Each activity is available in English and Spanish and accompanied by all necessary graphic organizers, a video example of a teacher using the activity in a distance learning environment, and examples of student work.  We will be releasing new activities at least once per week. In addition, Education Distance Learning contains a variety of curated videos, podcasts, and articles in order to share ideas and help educators stay informed and inspired during this unprecedented time. Given the unique challenges that English learners will face with the shift to remote learning, Ellevation Distance Learning is a critical resource for any educator looking to support their EL students during the COVID-19 crisis.

Who can use it? 

These resources are intended for teachers of grades K-12 and can be applied to lessons in any content area.  They can be used for online classes as well as remote 1-on-1 work. Parents can certainly adapt these lessons to use at home as well.


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