Sponsorship: Excellence in Equity Awards

2024 Excellence in Equity Awards

Sponsor Standout Educators

Position your company as a leader and supporter of equitable teaching and learning. 

Platinum Sponsors receive all of this.

Sponsorship packages can be modified to accommodate your budget and needs.

A fully branded custom magazine issue

Op-Ed in magazine awards issue

Full-page ad in magazine awards issue

Podcast interview

Additional podcast mentions

Press release mentions

Email announcement

Your personalized PDF will make a wonderful branded download for your website!

Your custom edition will include:

  • A special cover that highlights your company as an Equity Awards sponsor
  • Up to three ads, all from your company
  • The entire Equity Awards section of the journal, highlighting all the winners in the Educator categories
  • Up to two articles or advertorials from your company or a selection of existing content that aligns with your vision

As an Equity Awards sponsor, you’ll also enjoy some great publicity perks.

  • Your company will be listed as a sponsor of the Equity Awards for a year on all Consortium messaging, both online and in the journal, concerning the awards
  • You are guaranteed an ad (or extra ad) in all Equity Awards issues
  • An Education Talk Radio podcast highlighting the school districts and educators you work with who have made strides in equity
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