EDU, Inc. and Achieve3000 Partner to Increase the Number of College and Career Ready Applicants to HBCUs

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RED BANK, N.J. (PRWEB) DECEMBER 09, 2019 — Achieve3000, the leader in differentiated instruction, has long been focused on building equity in the classroom with the goal of helping more kids be college and career ready by the end of high school. Now, through a new partnership with EDU, Inc., the company is taking a larger step in that direction by providing some of their customers with discounted access to EDU, Inc.’s Common Black College Application (CBCA).

Students are able to complete the CBCA and apply to any number of 56 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) at the same time and pay a single fee. “The completion of our application significantly increases students’ educational opportunities by allowing them to receive acceptances and scholarship offers from several different colleges,” said Robert Mason the founder and executive director of the CBCA. To date, more than 250,000 students from the United States, Africa, South America and the Caribbean have used the CBCA to apply to college.

The CBCA is an online application, that upon submission, is made available to all of the HBCU Member Institutions. Students are then able to track the progress of their application in the Student Dashboard. The Member Institutions log into the platform to access the student data.

“My goal is to increase exponentially, over the next five years, the number of students that are completing the CBCA and successfully matriculating at HBCUs. To do that, steps have to be taken to address the low literacy levels in an alarming number of schools throughout the country and abroad,” said Mason. “That’s why this partnership is so important to me. Achieve3000 truly partners with schools and districts using their solutions in a way that makes a real impact on students’ ability to read, learn, and grow. The first step to equity in education is access. That access brings about opportunity. By working together with Achieve3000, we can do that much more to make sure students can take full advantage of those opportunities.”

Achieve3000’s CEO, Stuart Udell, has a similar perspective, “Education is more than a business. If you aren’t focused on the students, you’re not going to be successful. Working together with organizations such as EDU, Inc., helps us make our work with literacy mean more in terms of its actual impact on students’ lives. None of us can do it alone, and we are proud to work with such an extraordinary community of professionals changing the face of education for today, and tomorrow.”

Darrell Wilson, Director of National Partnerships for Achieve3000, has been involved with EDU, Inc. for more than ten years, helping to support their mission through similar partnerships focused on connecting the dots between literacy, college readiness, and matriculation to college for students who want the opportunity to earn a degree. Achieve3000 customers interested in accessing the discounted applications should contact Mr. Wilson at

About Achieve3000
Achieve3000 is transforming literacy for more than three million students from preschool through adult education with our game-based foundational literacy learning, proven-effective approach to differentiated literacy instruction, personalized mathematical practice tools, and a curriculum platform designed to deepen learning across the content areas with an interactive digital library.

About EDU, Inc.
Established in the Fall of 2000, the EDU, Inc. Common Black College Application, has become one of the most recognized educational services in the country. To date, over 250,000 students have completed the CBCA to apply to our Member Institutions. Students are currently able to apply to 56 Member Institutions at the same time. The completion of the CBCA increases the educational options of students by allowing them to receive acceptance letters, financial packages and scholarship offers from several different colleges. Our school district partners can play a critical role in helping to establish a college-going culture.

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