Edsby Introduces ‘Perspective Analyze’ to Help Teachers Make Evidence-Based Instructional Decisions

Now available within the Edsby platform, the new view helps teachers pinpoint performance trends and patterns when evaluating both formative and summative assessment data

Edsby®, the award-winning social learning environment designed for K–12 education, today introduced Perspective Analyze, helping teachers make informed decisions based on multi-dimensional assessment data. The new tool offers teachers visibility into several types of student assessments, integrating both learning evidence and gradebook scores within one place in the Edsby platform.

Edsby’s new Analyze view enables teachers to visualize student performance through a new lens to spot trends, patterns and areas of concern—helping teachers act on instructional decisions for individual students or groups of students. This new extension within Edsby classes gives teachers broader access to classroom-level analytics at no additional cost.

“I’m excited about this new feature as it will help teachers visualize data in new and powerful ways,” said Joe McRae, Math and Computer Science Program Area Leader at Lakefield College School. “It will help me assess students against course learning goals throughout the year and identify opportunities where students can improve.  I look forward to building my assessments with this in mind next year.”

Teachers can analyze their students’ data by standards, evidence tags, assessment types, units, weeks, months and more. The results can be summarized by a variety of methods and the teacher can choose what to include in the data.

“A good teacher learns their students well and responds to their needs in a timely manner. The new Edsby Analyze feature helps me do just that. It helps me see the evidence I have collected for a kindergarten student in each of four frames,” said Angela O’Neill, Teacher at Durham Catholic District School Board. “I can determine which frames need my attention and see each student’s strengths and needs. This helps me to be responsive, and I know I can effectively communicate with parents using Edsby during reporting times.”

“As schools and districts continue to address unfinished learning in reading, math and other core subjects, data play a critical role,” said John Myers, CEO of Edsby. “With this new Analyze view that harmonizes summative and formative learning assessments, no other similar platform provides a more complete view to teachers of students’ academic progress and growth.”

Edsby teachers can access Analyze now for free within the Perspective view of their Edsby classes. Learn more about Perspective Analyze and view examples of its classroom applications here.

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