Easy as 1, 2… FREE! No More Under-Resourced Schools

By Larry Jacobs

It’s all about equity & access. Always is! Getting great educational resources into schools means opening tons of opportunities for every K-12 student ,and there’s nothing worse than an under-resourced school in an ‘education by zip code’ world. So I want to let you know that there’s a lot of FREE resources out there for better learning.


I did a podcast today with a company called IZZIT at They are a15-year-old nonprofit that offers great FREE, high-quality and engaging resources to schools for kids in 4th grade through early high school in social studies and civics. FREE stuff for civics education these days. Imagine that. Think we need that? Answer: Yeah, we do!

More than 400,000 educators have tapped into IZZIT resources over the years and you should really check it out and make that 400,001 ASAP. It’s really good stuff and did I mention, it’s FREE?

Along those same lines (and in order to make sure I continue to enjoy a happy and contented home life), I’ll also let you know that my wife works for PBS Learning Media at GBH in Boston… and you oughta see all the stuff they offer to K-12 in STEM, social studies and just about anything you can think of. Again, all of it is FREE.


Last week I did a podcast with MasterCard on their worldwide and totally FREE curriculum called Girls4Tech. I do a lot of these kinds of shows with a lot of big corporations who are really involved in K12. You can learn about some more of these (like DuPont, Stanley Black & Decker, API, etc.) here.

Corporations have always provided great FREE resources to teachers. They do it because it’s great marketing and also because they know they’re going to need a well-trained future workforce. They know that if they help expose kids to what they do — and kids can see themselves doing just that with great opportunities — these corporations may just wind up with a really well-trained workforce. And you’ll have a classroom full of engaged kids who see opportunity everywhere.

So tap in… everywhere… It’s easy as one, two, FREE.

The American Consortium for Equity in Education, publisher of the "Equity & Access" journal, celebrates and connects the educators, associations, community partners and industry leaders who are working to solve problems and create a more equitable environment for historically underserved pre K-12 students throughout the United States.

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