DreamBox Math by Discovery Education Earns ESSA Tier I, II, III, and IV Certifications


Worldwide edtech leader Discovery Education today announced that the award-winning, adaptive, supplemental math solution DreamBox Math has been certified as meeting the rigorous, evidence-based standards set forth by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Discovery Education’s DreamBox Math has achieved ESSA Tier I, II, III, and IV certifications.

DreamBox Math fosters the conceptual understanding, self-assurance, and motivation students need to develop a deep understanding of complex mathematical ideas. DreamBox Math is a standards-aligned, web-based program for students in grades K-8 that adapts and differentiates in real-time based on students’ answers and problem-solving methods. By providing personalized instruction, DreamBox Math empowers students to become confident, lifelong learners, while equipping educators with actionable learning insights.

Over the past several years, Discovery Education has partnered with third-party research organizations, expert data scientists, and education researchers to analyze the efficacy of DreamBox Math on K–8 students nationwide. The rich data set utilized in this project includes students using DreamBox Math in class, at home, during accelerated programs, for intervention, and for practice.

Researchers applied a variety of methodologies to explore diverse data for students from different-sized districts, in unique parts of the nation, and facing varying learning challenges. Through the execution of these studies, researchers found that students using DreamBox Math achieved higher proficiency in math when compared to students who did not.

In the most recent correlative study conducted in the Pinellas County Schools, usage of Dreambox Math showed statistically significant impact on math achievement. In this study, students who used DreamBox Math for the recommended amount of time scored 9.9 percentile points higher on NWEA’s MAP assessment than those that did not use DreamBox Math.

Additional findings from third party research on DreamBox Math found that:

  • Students in need of intervention are more likely to meet or exceed learning goals with DreamBox Math
  • DreamBox Math meets learners where they are and personalizes instruction for students who need extra help and students who are thriving
  • English language learners benefit significantly from the unique approach DreamBox Math uses to support Spanish-speaking students
  • DreamBox Math’s flexibility allows students meet math goals while learning at home or in school
  • Data indicates that historically underserved students using the program demonstrate the same level of growth as other student populations
  • DreamBox Math works for students in every grade level, even middle school

To learn more about Discovery Education’s ESSA certifications and to read the supporting research, visit Discovery Education’s Research and Impact website.

“School systems nationwide continue to assess their edtech spend and renew or purchase only resources grounded in research and with a proven track record of efficacy,” said Lance Rougeux, Discovery Education’s Senior Vice President of Curriculum, Instruction, and Student Engagement, and a former Philadelphia public school teacher. “Earning these ESSA certifications demonstrates that Discovery Education’s resources improve student outcomes, making them the perfect solution for school systems seeking to improve students’ understanding of mathematical ideas.”

All educators using Discovery Education products enjoy access to the Discovery Educator Network. A global community of education professionals, the Discovery Educator Network connects members across school systems and around the world through social media, virtual conferences, and in-person events, fostering valuable idea sharing and inspiration.

Discovery Education is the worldwide edtech leader whose state-of-the-art digital platform supports learning wherever it takes place. Through its award-winning multimedia content, instructional supports, and innovative classroom tools, Discovery Education helps educators deliver equitable learning experiences engaging all students and supporting higher academic achievement on a global scale. Discovery Education serves approximately 4.5 million educators and 45 million students worldwide, and its resources are accessed in over 100 countries and territories. Inspired by the global media company Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. Discovery Education partners with districts, states, and trusted organizations to empower teachers with leading edtech solutions that support the success of all learners. Explore the future of education at

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