Excellence in Equity Awards

Dr. Paula Guerra and Dr. Sanjuana Rodriguez
Champion of Equity – Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Guerra and Rodriguez

Dr. Paula Guerra and Dr. Sanjuana Rodriguez
Champion of Equity – Teacher Recruitment and Retention

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Dr. Paula Guerra and Dr. Sanjuana Rodriguez, Associate Professor of Literacy Education/ Professor of Mathematics Education, Kennesaw State University

“The two faculty were approached in 2019 by two students who wanted to create a space in the College of Education where Latinx students could come together and be supported. Students shared their experiences with racism on campus and longed for a space where they could share their experiences with others. For the past four years, Drs. Rodriguez and Guerra have focused on creating a culturally affirming space for students.”

Dr. Paula Guerra- Professor of Mathematics Education

Paula is a native South American mathematics teacher, who has devoted her academic career to the study of the teaching of mathematics for social justice with a particular focus on girls and Latinas. Her experiences as a Latinx female immigrant, first generation college graduate, social justice educator inform her work with this group.

Dr. Sanjuana Rodriguez- Associate Professor of Literacy Education

Sanjuana is a native of Mexico whose work focuses on the study of emergent bilingual students and how teachers can support the literacy development of Latinx students. She taught in elementary schools where she was the only Latinx teacher teaching mostly Latinx students. Her experiences as an immigrant and a Latinx teacher inform her work with this group. Both researchers share expertise in teacher education and are committed to advancing the success of Latinx students in higher education.


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