DisplayNote and Dell Technologies Join Forces to Accelerate the Shift Towards Hybrid Learning Environments

DisplayNote, the market-leading provider of software for interactive displays, announces its Montage and Broadcast screen-sharing tools are embedded in the new Dell 4K Interactive Touch Monitor – D7523QT.

Dell Technologies’ new display, launched in North America on April 29, 2022, includes DisplayNote’s award-winning screen-sharing software and ensures that presenters, educators and learners experience web-first screen sharing right out of the box, whether that’s from any device to the display or from the display out to more than 40 devices.

DisplayNote’s Chief Operating Officer, Ed Morgan, notes the partnership comes at a time of a major shift in the student’s role in the classroom.

“When it comes to content sharing, the narrative in the classroom is shifting: students are becoming teachers and leaders, while teachers are becoming facilitators. The combination of DisplayNote and Dell creates a powerful tool, making it easy to share any screen, on any device using only a browser.”

To learn more about DisplayNote, visit https://www.displaynote.com/.

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