Discovery Education Offering Students & Teachers New, Free Resources Celebrating National Space Day

To support celebrations of National Space Day, Discovery Education is proud to present a curated collection of free standards-aligned resources. Discovery Education is the worldwide edtech leader whose state-of-the-art digital platform supports learning wherever it takes place.  

Among the resources available to teachers and students are:  

Augmented Reality
Grades K-12 

Research shows that 78% of educators believe the best benefit of augmented reality technology is student engagement. Take students on an immersive trip to Mars in 2072, via two augmented reality apps, TimePod and Sandbox AR, and associated various standards-aligned lessons, all available on Verizon Innovative Learning HQ. Let students create, share, and even inhabit virtual environments through the new Space Day packs. 

Virtual Field Trip
Grades 6-12 

The Manufacturing the Future of Aviation Virtual Field Trip shows students how STEM makes aviation manufacturing more efficient and safer. This virtual learning experience transports students to Boeing manufacturing centers in Renton, Wash., Portland, Ore., and Salt Lake City, Utah to meet the diverse mechatronics, robotics, and ergonomic engineers at Boeing. An accompanying educator guide makes it simple for teachers to plug-and-play the VFT into any learning environment with relevant and standards-aligned activities that further explore key concepts in aerospace and engineering. 

This virtual field trip is part of FUTURE U, an award-winning partnership with Boeing that provides standards-aligned, hands-on, experiential learning resources that ignite excitement and inspire students to become tomorrow’s innovators. 

At-Home Science Lessons
Grades K-8 

3M’s Science at Home video series is a collection of simple, watch-then-do science experiments that feature 3M scientists and special guests using common household items to explore core scientific principles and make STEM learning more accessible. Through these at-home activities, STEM solution seekers can experience scientific phenomena through creative and fun projects ranging from engineering with marshmallows to chemistry with baking soda. In the Balloon Rocket Activity, students harness the same scientific principles that power space travel as they build a multistage rocket. 

Career Profiles
Grades 6-12 

The STEM Careers Coalition™ (SCC) offers a collection of resources spotlighting careers in space. Students hear firsthand from STEM professionals working in space-related roles across a variety of disciplines including computer science, engineering, mechanics, and more. Students can see people like them working in the high-tech world of space exploration while diving deeper into the topic with a variety of hands-on, lessons and activities. Teachers can then introduce students to STEM with over 200 resources designed to uncover students’ STEM skills to activate future solution seekers. 

Users of Discovery Education’s K-12 learning platform can explore even more space-focused content in the service’s Space channel. Connecting educators to a vast collection of high-quality, standards-aligned content, ready-to-use digital lessons, intuitive quiz and activity creation tools, and professional learning resources, Discovery Education provides educators with an enhanced learning platform that facilitates engaging, daily instruction. 

“Space is an endless source of inspiration and curiosity for students. At Discovery Education, we love empowering educators to explore space in a variety of settings. With these resources in hand, students can discover the wonders of space,” said Amy Nakamoto, General Manager of Social Impact at Discovery Education. 

For more information about Discovery Education’s award-winning digital resources—which can be purchased with federal stimulus funds—and professional learning services, visit, and stay connected with Discovery Education on social media through Twitter and LinkedIn.

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