David Adams, Champion of Equity

David Adams, Champion of Equity

From the Jan/Feb 2021 issue of Equity & Access Pre K-12

David Adams has spearheaded multiple initiatives to support The Urban Assembly students. These include a social-emotional learning program with a student advisory system to help students build relationships and adopting the SEL assessment DESSA to measure students’ SEL competence and progress.

“The work of equity in the public education space is to ensure that our future citizens carry the knowledge, character, and will to improve the institutions they are a part of, pursue the common good, and move our nation forward.” — David Adams

David created the Resilient Scholars Program (RSP), a unique approach to integrating SEL into curriculum and classroom practices across the UA network. RSP has grown into a national program, serving schools and districts in Los Angeles, Houston, Syracuse, and other cities.

Under David’s leadership, The Urban Assembly has partnered with organizations like the Black Man Can Inc. and Dangers of the Mind to invest in positive identity formation for youth of color while organizing systems to reduce disproportionality in discipline and graduation rates.

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