CYBER.ORG Seeks Public Commentary on National K-12 Cybersecurity Learning Standards


Initiative aims to expand access to K-12 cybersecurity education and bolster the pipeline of diverse cyber talent seeks feedback from the public

CYBER.ORG today announced the opening of the public comment period for the most recent version of the K-12 cybersecurity learning standards that have been underway since September 2020. The public comment period opens on May 17th and closes on June 4th.

This feedback will be incorporated into the final version of the standards, which CYBER.ORG plans to release publicly at the start of the 2021-22 school year, with voluntary adoption likely to begin in states the following year. This is the final stage in the standards development process, as CYBER.ORG has already convened key stakeholders across education, government and industry to collect input that will increase the relevance and value of the standards.

As the nation works to recover from the SolarWinds intrusion and the Colonial Energy ransomware attack, the U.S. cybersecurity workforce shortage reaches over 460,000 open cybersecurity positions nationwide.

With only a few models of state-developed and no national standards specific K-12 cyber education, these standards will help ensure that students not only have a foundational understanding of cybersecurity, but also the skills and knowledge they need to pursue cybersecurity careers in greater numbers. Educators, industry stakeholders and the greater public are encouraged to provide insight to better inform the final K-12 cybersecurity learning standards.

The K-12 cybersecurity learning standards are vital to helping build the future workforce and introducing more students to the potential of cybersecurity careers.

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