Curriculum Associates Updates i-Ready® with New Lessons & Assessments to Further Support Dual-Language Classrooms & Spanish-Speaking Students

To further support Spanish-speaking students in dual-language or transitional-bilingual programs, Curriculum Associates recently added new lessons and assessments to its award-winning i-Ready program. All of these resources—including authentic Spanish Reading lessons for Grades K–2, new Spanish versions of Mathematics lessons for Grades K–6, and a new Assessment of Spanish Reading for Grades K–6—are all designed for students to see themselves in the learning materials as they work to meet ambitious goals this school year.

“With the growing number of dual-language programs across the country, these latest i-Ready updates will help support educators with their teaching this year and beyond, while giving Spanish-speaking students increased access to high-quality learning resources,” said Rob Waldron, CEO of Curriculum Associates. “Providing equitable learning opportunities is a top priority for us and, as such, we are continuously working to improve our programs to meet the needs of all students.”

The authentic Spanish Reading lessons for Grades K–2 cover phonics and reading comprehension to help students build their Spanish literacy. There are also now more than 300 Spanish versions of many mathematics Personalized Instruction lessons for Grades K–6, which help ensure educators are able to deliver equitable learning experiences for all students.

i-Ready me enseña muchas cosas,” said Manuel, a fourth grade student in Dallas, TX.  “Me gusta aprender matemáticas con Plory.”

The new, online Assessment of Spanish Reading available in i-Ready helps teachers gain an understanding of the on-grade level reading performance of Spanish-speaking students in Grades K–6. Based on students’ results from this assessment, teachers are provided with high-quality instructional resources. This new assessment joins the i-Ready Diagnostic for Mathematics in Spanish, which is also available to help teachers understand how to support the needs of their students in mathematics.

“Dual language is a bilingual education model that recognizes the coexistence of both languages,” said Elena Izquierdo, professor of Dual Language Education, Biliteracy, and EL Education at the University of Texas, El Paso, and advisor to the i-Ready Spanish program. “Emergent bilinguals develop an integrated system of phonology and orthography that advances a metalinguistic knowledge they can both access and apply across the curriculum. Quality resources that maintain the authenticity of each language are a key to the goal of biliteracy.”

Curriculum Associates also recently launched i-Ready Ayuda, which offers Spanish phone and email support, for i-Ready users and families.

To learn more about i-Ready and its new updates to support bilingual and dual-language learning, visit

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