Curriculum Associates Sponsors ALAS Scholarship Awards to Support the Professional Advancement of Latino Administrators

ALAS and Curriculum Associates

Belinda Reyes of the School District of Osceola County receives $10,000 and Beatriz Maldonado of Berwyn South School District 100 receives $2,000 in scholarship funds

NORTH BILLERICA, Mass., October 21, 2019—For the fifth consecutive year, Curriculum Associates has partnered with the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (ALAS) to support the professional advancement of Latino administrators by helping them earn advanced degrees in education. This year’s scholarship recipients are Belinda Reyes of the School District of Osceola County in Kissimmee, FL and Beatriz Maldonado of Berwyn South School District 100 in Berwyn, IL. They will receive $10,000 and $2,000, respectively, to support their continuing education.

“ALAS is committed to having Latinx leaders in K–12 school districts across the country,” said Nancy Lewin, executive director of ALAS. “The scholarships awarded through the support from Curriculum Associates are invaluable to helping more Latinx educators achieve higher education degrees. These award recipients will be the leaders who continue to inspire children and open pathways for others to take on leadership roles in our education systems.”

Throughout her career, Reyes has served as a media clerk, teacher, dean, assistant principal, principal, and district administrator before becoming the Executive Director for Multicultural Curriculum, Instruction, and Compliance at the School District of Osceola County. In this current role, she oversees programs and supports for 27 percent of the total student population, and she has successfully reorganized district support and targeted development for teachers and administrators to ensure equity of supports and standards-based instruction. Reyes has additionally been instrumental in providing equity of services and instruction for more than 2,700 students from Puerto Rico who relocated due to Hurricane Maria.

Reyes is a graduate of the ALAS Superintendent Leadership Academy Cohort 6 and the Vice President of the Florida ALAS affiliate. She will be receiving her doctorate from the American College of Education.

“Grateful and humbled to be selected as a recipient of the 2019 ALAS Scholarship, I recognize the responsibility to serve,” said Reyes. “Pursuing my doctorate is more than a quest for superintendency; it is a commitment to provide access and equity for every child, every chance, every day. I am encouraged by partners, such as Curriculum Associates, who value the importance of Latino leadership in closing achievement gaps and strengthening cultural connections by super-accelerating Latino youth and all students of color.”

As the Director of Language Acquisition at Berwyn South School District 100, Maldonado works with students of diverse linguistic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds and is a strong proponent of providing all students with an equitable education that integrates a philosophy of shared responsibility between home and school. Throughout her career, she has worked as a middle school teacher, assistant principal, parent engagement director, and principal. She helped implement the district’s first dual language program during her tenure as principal and, in her current role, has expanded the program to four district schools serving students from all six elementary schools.

Maldonado served as a board member of the Illinois Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents and is an adjunct professor at Dominican University’s School of Education, where she teaches Assessment of Language Learners, Middle School Methods, and Language and Culture. She is also currently a doctoral student at Concordia University, where her research focuses on urban superintendent tenure and social determination theory.

“We are proud to once again partner with ALAS to support the professional growth of two Latino leaders,” said Claudia Salinas, Vice President of English Learning at Curriculum Associates. “Both Belinda and Beatriz are standout educators who undoubtedly will continue to make an impressive mark on their communities and improve the lives of students as they advance their own education.”

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