Curriculum Associates Named a High-Quality Professional Learning Provider for Magnetic Reading™ Foundations

Curriculum Associates, a longstanding high-quality professional learning (HQPL) provider, recently added Magnetic Reading Foundations to its list of high-quality curricula in Rivet Education’s Professional Learning Partner Guide (PLPG). The guide provides educators with a vetted list of organizations that offer the best curriculum-based professional learning services in the country. Curriculum Associates was certified and added to the PLPG after a comprehensive, three-step evaluation by Rivet Education and its team of educator reviewers.

Curriculum Associates, which is also certified in the PLPG for Ready® and i-Ready® Classroom Mathematics, is currently one of only 48 professional learning partners featured in the guide.

“We are committed to offering best-in-class service, and we know that providing high-quality professional learning is paramount to that,” said Stephanie Lawkins, vice president of educator success at Curriculum Associates. “Our inclusion in the PLPG signifies the value of our professional learning services as well as the impact of these services in helping ensure the successful implementation and use of our programs and, in turn, ongoing student achievement.”

To increase the use of high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) and aligned professional learning, Rivet Education reviews professional learning services associated only with HQIM that EdReports rates as “Meets Expectations” in all grade levels for their grade band. Magnetic Reading Foundations received perfect scores in its review by EdReports.

Rivet Education’s framework for HQPL defines for educators the characteristics, types, and structures that construct high-quality, curriculum-aligned professional learning. All HQPL services are reviewed by Rivet Education’s trained team of educators who collectively have more than 550 years of experience in education.

Magnetic Reading Foundations, like all of our English language arts programs, is grounded in the Science of Reading,” said Rob Waldron, CEO of Curriculum Associates. “As more educators are shifting their instructional practices to align with this research, it is important for them to have a strong partner like Curriculum Associates to deliver high-quality materials and professional learning to strengthen their confidence and support their professional growth.”

All of Curriculum Associates’ professional learning offerings and courses are designed to help educators use its programs—including Magnetic Reading Foundations—in highly effective, pedagogically sound ways. The company carefully scaffolds knowledge to build educator understanding of how the programs work and how to use them for the greatest benefit to students.

According to survey findings, 95 percent of educators who participated in a professional learning session with Curriculum Associates reported they gained useful and relevant knowledge to support their teaching practice.

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