Curriculum Associates’ Magnetic Reading™ Foundations for Grades K–2 Receives Perfect Scores, “All-Green” Designation by EdReports

Curriculum Associates’ Magnetic Reading Foundations for Grades K–2 received perfect scores by EdReports, an independent nonprofit that conducts evidence-based reviews of instructional materials. After undergoing a comprehensive review using the organization’s rigorous evaluation rubric, expert educators found the instructional program rooted in the Science of Reading meets expectations for all English language arts foundational skills evaluation criteria across Grades K–2.

EdReports conducts extensive third-party reviews to increase the capacity of teachers, administrators, and leaders to seek, identify, and demand the highest quality instructional materials to improve and deepen student learning. The organization’s review process includes a two-gateway system in which a “green” rating signifies that the program meets expectations for a given set of criteria.

Magnetic Reading Foundations fully meets the expectations of all criteria with all-green ratings for each of the EdReports Gateways:

  1. Gateway 1—Alignment to Standards and Research-Based Practices for Foundational Skills Instruction
  2. Gateway 2—Implementation, Support Materials, and Assessment

While EdReports evaluates the quality of Foundational Skills materials and instruction in both core and supplemental programs, the criteria for excellence in a supplemental curriculum like Magnetic Reading Foundations is far more rigorous and comprehensive.

“The expectations set by EdReports’ rigorous criteria and unbiased, high-quality reviews provide a true benchmark for excellence in educational materials,” said Rob Waldron, CEO of Curriculum Associates. “As such, this ‘all-green’ rating from the organization solidifies Magnetic Reading Foundations as a best-in-class reading program for young learners. The program’s research-based supports help teachers deliver explicit instructional routines and a systematic scope and sequence that enable students to acquire the phonological awareness, fluency, phonics, and high-frequency word skills needed to become confident readers and succeed in school and life.”

Magnetic Reading Foundations provides high-interest fiction and nonfiction decodable texts that cover a range of topics including animals and the atmosphere, to engage students and help them make real-world connections. All of the age-appropriate learning opportunities and grade-level materials are specifically designed to help ensure all students have access to the right content at the right time.

In addition to the research-based routines, the program provides ample time for students to practice and apply the skills they are learning in whole class or small group settings, as well as to participate in regular formative assessments that provide the data needed to help drive teachers’ differentiation decisions throughout the learning process. Founded and built upon the Science of Reading research and inclusive of all abilities and linguistic backgrounds, this program draws all students to the center of learning, ensuring they will confidently access relevant grade-level content.

The program additionally embeds professional development resources, including helpful tips and strategies, to support teachers as they take a Science of Reading approach to foundational reading skills.

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