Curriculum Associates Celebrates Schools Nationwide for Remarkable Growth in Reading and Mathematics

Curriculum Associates/iReady

Curriculum Associates has named more than 170 schools nationwide as a 2023 i-Ready Super Stretch School for demonstrating remarkable growth in reading and mathematics this past school year. The schools, which are located across more than 30 states and Washington, DC, were selected based on their i-Ready Diagnostic data from the 2022–2023 school year that showed students attained notable Stretch Growth.

“Stretch Growth goes beyond the typical learning trajectory by providing students with ambitious yet attainable pathways to reach grade-level proficiency,” said Emily McCann, senior vice president of educator community at Curriculum Associates. “Closing the learning gap and reaching this goal at the school level is no small feat. We congratulate all of the educators, students, and families at the Super Stretch Schools for their hard work and dedication, which contributed to this exciting accomplishment and recognition.”

i-Ready is an award-winning online program that equips educators with a deep understanding of students’ skills and areas for growth in order to help them provide personalized and relevant instruction. It combines powerful assessments for Grades K–12 and rich insights with effective and engaging instruction in reading and mathematics for Grades K–8.

Reaching Stretch Growth goals set within i-Ready puts students who placed below grade level on their first i-Ready Diagnostic on a path to proficiency and helps students who placed on or above grade level maintain advanced proficiency levels. To qualify for the Super Stretch School recognition, schools must have at least 200 students and have 55 percent or more students reach Stretch Growth in reading or mathematics.

To learn more about i-Ready, visit To learn more about the impact of reaching Stretch Growth, read Curriculum Associates’ recent whitepaper Measuring Academic Success Post-Pandemic: A Vital Metric for Recovery.

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