Curriculum Associates Announces Updates to i-Ready® for the 2023–2024 School Year


To help accelerate student learning and achievement in the 2023–2024 school year, Curriculum Associates has updated its award-winning i-Ready Personalized Instruction and i-Ready Assessment programs with enhanced lessons and expanded reporting features, as well as additional professional learning support for educators.

“We are continually adapting i-Ready to meet today’s classroom demands by focusing on creating features that educators say are essential for learning success,” said Rob Waldron, CEO of Curriculum Associates. “This school year, the focus will be on helping teachers transform moments of learning into momentum that will drive student growth and help them succeed this school year and beyond.”

Curriculum Associates continues to devote its energy to creating high-quality instructional materials that meet all students’ needs and building content that supports the teachers who bring this instruction to life. As part of this commitment, updates in i-Ready Personalized Instruction for Back to School 2023 are designed to support Spanish speakers and learners with more than 300 new authentic Reading lessons and parity in Spanish Mathematics lessons across Grades K–8.

To help inform instruction, Curriculum Associates has enhanced reporting to address the unique needs of all learners and create a learning environment where every student succeeds. Along with enhanced demographic reports for administrators, educators can now see performance on Literacy Tasks at the class level. Families will also have easier access to their child’s i-Ready Diagnostic data, strengthening the home-to-school connection.

Curriculum Associates recently released new research demonstrating that meeting Stretch Growth® goals for two consecutive years put students on a path toward proficiency, regardless of starting grade-level placement. New for 2023–2024, both district and school leaders will now have access to i-Ready’s Growth and Performance Quadrant chart, which provides visualization of growth and performance in the same view to inform planning and help prioritize actionable next steps. Pairing this quadrant chart with implementation support resources helps accelerate achievement by showing where to replicate success and where to provide additional support.

Curriculum Associates will also offer a new copyright of its i-Ready Classroom Mathematics core math program which includes more opportunities for student engagement, enhanced teacher support, and a revised K–1 program designed to meet the needs of young learners and their teachers.

Instructional leaders like coaches, principals, and lead teachers will have access to instructional leadership coaching, a new line of professional learning, to learn how to support teachers with evidence-based practices. A new series of professional development sessions will provide quick, targeted support for teachers new to the profession and to using i-Ready. The sessions will also cover strategies for elevating teaching practices around accelerating learning with data-based decisions, providing explicit and systemic instruction with a Science of Reading-based foundational reading program, and driving math discourse with an exploration-based math program.

Curriculum Associates’ new partnership with Corwin will additionally help districts nationwide elevate teaching and learning practices that most impact student growth. The partnership allows the two companies to make recommendations and referrals for the other’s products and services. Furthermore, Professor John Hattie now serves as a technical advisor for i-Ready Assessment, bringing more than 30 years of research on what works best to improve learning.

To learn more about the i-Ready updates and how Curriculum Associates is supporting its teachers for Back to School, click here.

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