Corpus Christi Independent School District and Discovery Education Partner to Build and Sustain a Culture of STEM Teaching and Learning Districtwide

Silver Spring, Md. (Thursday, August 13, 2020)—Texas’ Corpus Christi Independent School District (CCISD) today announced it has deepened its multi-year collaboration with Discovery Education.  In this latest phase of partnership, Discovery Education will support CCISD teachers and administrators districtwide as they accelerate the growth of a culture of STEM education that will help students develop the creative, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills needed for future success in classrooms, online, or in the hybrid environment. Discovery Education is the global leader in standards-aligned digital curriculum resources, engaging content, and professional learning for K-12 classrooms.

Committed to developing students’ hearts and minds, CCISD serves 37,700 students at 58 campuses within 68 square miles. The District’s mission is to graduate lifelong learners who are prepared to continue their education, enter the world of work, and be productive citizens. Since 1909, when the District was created, CCISD has enjoyed an outstanding reputation as a strong school system focused on excellence in education.  To continue its tradition of academic excellence and to accelerate its efforts to build and sustain a culture of STEM education, CCISD recently selected Discovery Education’s Teacher Leader Collaborative.

A system to scale professional learning and leadership, Teacher Leader Collaborative combines robust STEM professional learning opportunities, job embedded instructional support for teachers, and Discovery Education’s exclusive STEM Instructional Progression to drive instructional growth. Teacher Leader Collaborative’s professional learning resources prepare educators to implement a problem-driven approach to learning supported by high-quality, standards-based STEM digital, and cross-curricular resources, including Discovery Education STEM Connect and Discovery Education Experience.  STEM Connectthe web-based, interdisciplinary K-8 supplemental STEM resource, and ExperienceDiscovery Education’s flexible K-12 digital learning platform, will be used in all K-12 classrooms across CCISD alongside Discovery Education’s Social Studies Techbook, which is currently in use in 8th grade classrooms districtwide.

“STEM education helps students develop critical skills they will need beyond graduation and as such, it is critical to our district’s strategic planning,” said Corpus Christi Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Roland Hernandez.  “As we are familiar with Discovery Education’s work in education and in STEM in particular, they were the natural choice for this new initiative.”

By extending its partnership with Discovery Education, CCISD’s educators will continue receiving access to the Discovery Education Community. A global community of education professionals, the Discovery Education Community connects members across school systems and around the world through social media, virtual conferences, and in-person events, fostering valuable networking, idea sharing, and inspiration.

“Discovery Education is excited to expand its partnership with Corpus Christi Independent School District,” said Steve Sanchez, Discovery Education’s Manager of Education Partnerships. “Corpus Christi ISD has long been looked to not only as a leader in using digital resources for instruction in the Texas Region 2, but in the state of Texas as well.  By focusing on the creation of a world-class STEM education program, I believe the district will take a leadership role in promoting the value and importance of STEM education as well.”

For more information about Corpus Christi Independent School District, visit the district website here.

For more information about Discovery Education’s digital resources and professional learning services, visit, and stay connected with Discovery Education on social media through Facebook, follow us on Twitter at @DiscoveryEd, or find us on Instagram and Pinterest.

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