CoderZ launches CoderZ at Home

This new version offers an engaging code-learning platform that’s hands-on for kids and hands-off for parents

March 8, 2022: CoderZ Technologies LTD today announced the launch of CoderZ at Home, a new version of their award-winning code-learning platform that’s designed for homeschoolers and kids looking to learn code outside of a classroom environment. CoderZ at Home takes an integrative approach to code literacy — combining STEM, computer science, and critical life skills to prepare kids for the changing demands of a digital future. The flexible new interface lets children self-lead through the learning material without any need for parental guidance.

“Homeschooling and self-paced learning is on the rise all over the world. But learning to code in a home environment presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities,” said Sharon Duchin, Chief Marketing Officer at CoderZ. “In addition, preparing today’s kids for tomorrow’s careers is more challenging than ever with the rapid-fire development in technology. No one is entirely sure what jobs or obstacles 2050 will bring, but one thing is for certain: the role of STEM and computer science will be pivotal.”

By using bite-sized missions designed to feel like a game and blending maximum engagement with a sense of accomplishment, the platform enables learners to gain problem-solving skills quickly and measurably. “We’ve used our combined experience as educators, programmers, engineers, and gamers to create a learning environment that makes coding feel like a game for kids, while empowering them to develop problem-solving, critical thinking and grit skills,” Duchin continued. “Following months of research that includes insights from a pilot study with our target audience, we’re confident that CoderZ at Home delivers an engaging STEM learning experience that will spark kids’ passion for STEM and coding.”

Pilot participants included dozens of homeschoolers from the U.S. and Canada. Here’s what parents shared:

  • “We have really enjoyed coding in which my son had no experience at all. He is super independent.”
  • “My kids learned to follow directions and think outside of the box.”
  • “My son chooses missions, makes mistakes, assesses his abilities, and corrects his strategy, gaining life skills as well.”
  • “Thank you for developing something that leads kids to coding with smiles on their faces.”
  • “CoderZ gets kids in, and they really like it. They engage in it and gain a lot of confidence.”

CoderZ at Home highlights:

• Gamified learning experience in an immersive virtual environment with real-world challenges.
• Scaffolded, self-paced curriculum created by global leaders in pedagogy. No prior experience required.
• Live tutoring sessions with a team of experts for real-time feedback plus online teaching tools and resources for parents.

CoderZ at Home offers four affordable subscription plans for single and family accounts, starting at $7.49 a month. For more information and free activities, visit the CoderZ at Home website.

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