Check Out the Winners of Fielding International’s “Designing Equitable Learning” Project

As part of their recent Designing Equitable Learning series, Fielding International invited youth from around the world to create something to address equity in education. Dozens of young people from around the world took part, creating videos, songs, essays, poetry, and artwork to voice their beliefs.

Prizes went to:

1st Place ($750): Juwaria Jama
2nd Place ($250): DeAnthoney Acon & Friends
3rd Place ($150): Lincoln Bacal

Honorable Mentions ($50 each): Jose Perez, Zeke Jackson, Advaith Parab, Pragya Upreti, Ira Sharma, Sergio Rodriguez Garcia, Jacob & Teddy Bell

Each creation responded to one of three prompts:

  1.  How can education help create a more equitable world?

  2.  What does designing equitable learning mean to you?

  3.  How can schools give youth more voice and power?

Fielding International is incredibly grateful to learn from these change-makers, and eager to share their creations with you. They also thank the independent panel at Juxtaposition Arts for reviewing and rating the creations.


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