Q&A With Susan Warner, Founder of Girls4Tech

Mastercard offers a signature STEM curriculum called Girls4Tech, which recently partnered with Discovery Education. Mastercard’s partnership with Discovery Education helps Mastercard achieve its goal of showing five million girls how their skills and interests can connect them to a STEM career by 2025. We recently had a chance to speak with Susan Warner, Founder of Girls4Tech, about a

Q&A with Ben Odipo, Corona-Norco USD Assistant Supt. of IT

Improving Equity & Access Through Collaboration

The ace-ed.org team recently sat down with Corona-Norco Unified School District (California) Assistant Superintendent of IT Ben Odipo to learn how his school district’s IT and Curriculum teams are collaborating to improve equity and access across the school system. Here

Improving Equity & Access Through Collaboration

Q&A With September Strategies CEO Ross Romano: Celebrating Education Changemakers’ Excellence in Equity

Ross Romano is CEO of September Strategies LLC, a consulting firm providing education organizations with overall strategic advisement and storytelling support. He also recently partnered with the American Consortium for Equity in Education to lead the launch of the inaugural

Q&A With Melvin Hines, CEO & Founder of Upswing: Edtech Accessibility is a Reflexive Process

Melvin Hines, CEO and Founder at Upswing, pushes his team to appropriately empathize with their users, a tactic that spilled over to how they interact with institution partners. Accessibility is “reflexive,” meaning that only by stepping out of your established