Capstone Partners With Clever To Provide Seamless, User-Friendly Access to PebbleGo

Capstone, an innovative learning company merging children’s content with easy-to-use edtech tools for K-5 classrooms, libraries, and homes, is partnering with Clever, the platform powering secure digital learning for over 100,000 schools globally, to integrate single sign-on (SSO) and roster management for its award-winning PebbleGo suite of online curriculum resources.

Through this partnership, up-to-date student rostering and usage reporting will now be available in the PebbleGo suite’s PebbleGo Create, the digital workspace for student-centered active learning. Implementation for PebbleGo subscribers begins in August for the start of the school year and will be accessible via their district’s Clever Portal.

“Capstone’s partnership with Clever benefits students with the best PebbleGo user experience by streamlining how they access our resources in an easy and secure way. With single sign-on access and student rostering, educators can focus on engaging students’ learning with the powerful selection of content options and active learning tools in our PebbleGo suite,” said Randi Economou, Capstone CEO.

“As we prepare for Back to School 2024, our partnership with Capstone is perfectly timed to support educators and students with efficient roster management and secure single sign-on access to the PebbleGo suite. Through this collaboration we’re ensuring that teachers can focus on engaging students from day one without technical hurdles, highlighting our commitment to simplifying digital learning and enhancing educational outcomes for all,” said Trish Sparks, Clever CEO.

Used by more than half of U.S. elementary schools, the PebbleGo suite supports grades K-5 curriculum and learners. Packed with informational articles, ready-made activities, and literacy support for students of all abilities, the online resources boost engagement and foster independent learning across the curriculum.

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