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Equity and Access podcast

Our Learning Ally guest is Elizabeth Zwerg, an expert in bringing all stakeholders together for better education, better workplaces, better schools and better communities.

Teaching can feel like a siloed profession.

Learning Ally’s Educator Community connects educators of all titles, roles and responsibilities in a safe and collaborative network where they can share best instructional practices in literacy. All educators are welcome. The guiding principle of Learning Ally’s Education Community is to recognize the achievements of fellow educators as literacy thought leaders. The nonprofit works with more than 625,000 educators to improve equitable access to educational audiobooks for students who struggle to read. By connecting educators from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, Learning Ally can create a more inclusive and effective education system, and improve all students’ reading outcomes.

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Learning Ally is a leading education nonprofit dedicated to empowering educators with proven solutions that help new and struggling learners reach their potential. Our range of literacy-focused offerings for students in Pre-K to 12th grade and catalog of professional learning allows us to support more than 2 million students and 650,000 educators across the United States. Learn more at

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