More Than 50,000 Students Join BrightFish Reading Platform – Now Free Until June 15

Brightfish Learning

Educators And Parents Sign Up For Free Access During Closures

April 15, 2020, Chicago and Ottawa – BrightFish Learning today announced that more than 50,000 students have jumped on the BrightFish Reading platform since the company began offering free access in late March. Students from across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia are using the full BrightFish Reading program at no charge during COVID-19 closures. School districts that had already adopted BrightFish Reading have added thousands of free licenses to serve more students as part of their distance-learning strategy.

BrightFish Reading provides online, research-based instruction for below-level readers in grades 2 through high school. Students get scaffolded instruction in fluency, vocabulary and comprehension strategies while building independent reading skills. Mastery-based learning enables students to achieve gains in as little as 15 minutes a day.  Teachers can monitor their students’ progress remotely and track areas of weakness for online remediation sessions.

BrightFish Reading is available for free until June 15, 2020.

Educators sign up for school access and parents can join on the BrightFish Learning website.

“BrightFish Reading is a great program and an awesome learning opportunity during a “normal” school year, but it is essential now that we are serving our students differently. I require data for 2020-2021 IEPs and this will be an additional source for which I am so thankful!”  
– Barbara McBride, special education teacher, Crump Elementary School, AL

“I’ve signed up and my kids are loving BrightFish Reading! I can’t get them off of it. Great development of reading skills from all angles. Thank you for offering it for free during this challenging time!” – Amy Meloche, parent, Ottawa, ON

FROM JANUARY 10, 2020:

BrightFish Learning Launches New Platform Strategy

BrightFish Learning today announced a new platform distribution strategy that will bring BrightFish Reading to thousands of K-12 districts across North America. Building on the Clever certification launched in August 2019, the company is integrating BrightFish Reading online instruction with widely used platforms in K-12, including the Google Classroom learning management system (LMS) and ClassLink for single sign-on.

“Our foundational goal is to make it fast and easy for schools to use BrightFish Reading,” says Ravi Ramsaran, Chief Technology Officer of BrightFish Learning. “By offering our program through the leading platforms in K-12 districts, we can ensure that more students get access to BrightFish Reading and start making gains. At the same time, IT departments can be assured that our software is centrally managed in a secure online environment.”

ClassLink is a single sign-on platform that organizes applications and files in one place for access on any device. Google Classroom is a cloud-based LMS that is used for course management and collaboration.

BrightFish Reading can be purchased by school districts as an annual software subscription for grade 2 through high school.

About BrightFish Learning

Based in Chicago and Ottawa, BrightFish Learning LLC is an international company focused on creating innovative instructional and assessment tools that help educators and students achieve learning goals. Our flagship product, BrightFish Reading®, enables struggling readers to practice grade-level reading on any device while building fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills aligned to standards. Affordable licensing options, flexible implementation and comprehensive teacher support make BrightFish solutions easy to adopt for a few students to thousands district-wide.

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