Brice Cockfield, Champion of Equity

From the March/April 2021 issue of Equity & Access Pre K-12

Dr. Brice Cockfield wanted to help his staff deepen their understanding of equity. He, his leadership team and their digital learning created badges and t-shirts to encourage faculty to complete the self-paced Equity professional development course in the 7 Mindsets portal.

“Creating equitable opportunities for students, regardless of circumstance, is the real work of public education – it is the American dream. It is difficult, messy, and sometimes confusing work that requires patience, perseverance, and resilience. There is no easy way. If it was, we would have solved it by now.” — Brice Cockfield

The badges bore the slogan “All Means All” while the T-shirts sported the words: “All Means All Equity Hero.” Those badges represent what Dr. Cockfield calls “a micro-credentialling program for staff.” Dr. Cockfield is looking forward to more courageous conversations with the staff as they lean into the importance of these discussions on equity, diversity, and inclusion.

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