BlazerWorks’ Special Education Advisory Network Reaches 30 Professionals Nationwide

BlazerWorks, one of the nation’s first comprehensive special education advisory service providers, today announced its Special Education Advisory Team has reached thirty members, including teachers, school psychologists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, school nurses and school administration professionals committed to enriching and elevating special education.

BlazerWorks’ advisory team offers expertise, insights and perspectives for schools and education professionals, working to uncover underlying challenges and opportunities across district leadership, special education staff, and contracted positions placed by one of BlazerWorks’ staffing partners. The advisory team’s support is available at no additional cost to staff and educators working within the schools of BlazerWorks’ partners.

“At BlazerWorks, we aim to provide unparalleled support that will unburden schools and districts with administrative tasks, support educator retention, enrich therapists and teachers, and elevate the educational experience for students with disabilities,” said Dr. Jaime Sowers, Advisory Team Director at BlazerWorks. “The nationwide expansion of our Special Education Advisory Team has already marked impressive milestones: our team has positively impacted 30% more districts in 2024 versus the last year.”

Members of the Special Education Advisory Team have decades of experience working in the positions of those they’re advising, earning the trust of district administrators, therapists, and teachers, as well as parents and students. The expert team includes the following members, organized by specialties (state of advisory members in parentheses):

Speech-Language Therapy Advisors: Alyson Maldonado (VA), Randal McCormack (OR), Catherine Yates (NC), Colleen Baltz (NJ), Courtney Grimes (TX), Janani Webb (AZ), Larin Wilson (CA), Mary Kozyra (FL)

Teacher Advisors: Tawnya Redding (OR), Katelyn Kelsey (AZ), Whitney Threewits (IN)

Occupational Therapy/Motor Advisors: Amy Fehr (CA), Ebonie Johnson (NC), John Veneracion (CA), Jacqueline Carr (CT), Phillip Salvador (CO)

School Psychology & Behavior Advisors: Erin Hoganson (CA), Kathleen Testa (NJ), Kim DeAnda (NC), Mariam Kamara (TX), Pedro Olvera (CA), Serena Sowin (CO)

School Administration Advisors: Jaime Sowers (CO), Heather Hargrave (IL), Jacqueline Denton (NM), Kassie McOmber (WI), Robin Merrill (TX), Anthony Mormile (NJ)

School Nursing Advisors: Ali Luckett (IL), Charlene Moske-Weber (TX)

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, seven and a half million American students have disabilities warranting special education, but adequately trained special education professionals are in short supply. This nationwide shortage of special educators poses significant challenges, such as larger class sizes and diminished individualized instruction, potentially leading to increased educator burnout. Moreover, students with disabilities may face obstacles in receiving essential support and accommodations for academic success. The Special Education Advisory Team helps mitigate these critical issues and collaborates with districts to ensure equitable access to quality special education for all students.

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