BlazerWorks Expands Clinical Special Education Advisory Team

Five new members will be joining BlazerWorks’ clinical advisory team to provide needed support for special education staff

BlazerWorks, one of the country’s first special education advisory service providers, announced an expansion of its strategic Clinical Special Education Advisory team today. Members of the advisory team will help guide the company’s vision and mission-critical work to evolve, enrich, and elevate the country’s special education experience through clinical expertise and special education advisory services. The Clinical Special Education Advisory team’s expansion includes additional speech-language and school psychology experts to support districts facing severe staffing shortages in special education.

“Our goal at BlazerWorks is to give school administrators their time back so they can focus on what really matters—providing students with the quality education that they deserve,” said Dr. Jaime Sowers, Advisory Team Director at BlazerWorks. “With new perspectives and expertise joining our advisory team, we can take our clinical expertise and support to the next level and continue to enrich and elevate special education to meet the needs of the districts we work with.”

The five new additions to the Special Education Advisory team include:

  • Larin Wilson, M.A., CCC-SLP, Speech Therapy Advisor: Larin is a highly qualified speech-language pathologist specializing in special education and supporting students with mild to moderate disabilities and those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. As a BlazerWorks Speech Therapy Advisor, she loves connecting with districts and therapists to collaborate, give guidance, and help problem-solve with individual solutions. In particular, she thrives on equipping districts, therapists, and partners with the knowledge and tools they need to work together successfully and create the best learning environment possible.
  • Mary Kozyra, M.S., CCC-SLP, Speech Therapy Advisor: Mary is an experienced speech-language pathologist focusing on pediatric speech sound disorders, language disorders, and literacy. As a Speech Therapy Advisor at BlazerWorks, Mary is passionate about providing support and resources to speech therapists and education professionals to help them succeed in their current assignments and career.
  • Catherine Yates, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, Speech Therapy Advisor: Catherine is a highly skilled speech-language pathologist specializing in feeding and myofunctional disorders and supports students with childhood apraxia of speech. As a Speech Therapy Advisor, she enjoys assisting school districts in improving their processes, organizational structure, and workflow. She also empowers education professionals to implement the MTSS process effectively to support student success.
  • Katelyn Kelsey, M.A.E., M.Ed., BCISE, Special Education Advisor: Katelyn is a passionate special educator interested in education law and policy. Throughout her career, she has been motivated to remove barriers to education and advocate for students to access culturally relevant and accessible education. As a Special Education Advisor, Katelyn enjoys advising districts and educators to ensure students receive developmentally appropriate instruction and access to highly qualified and effective teachers.
  • Serena Sowin, M.A., LSSP, NCSP, BCBA, School Psychology Advisor: Serena is a highly skilled school psychologist and board-certified behavior analyst passionate about providing positive behavior supports and using data to make informed decisions. As a BlazerWorks School Psychology Advisor, Serena thrives on helping educators implement evidence-based interventions, completing comprehensive IEP and behavioral assessments, and providing conflict management support within multidisciplinary teams.

“In all of my experience working as a speech therapist, I have never had the opportunity to aid other special education educators in a way that the advisory team allows me to,” said Catherine Yates, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, Speech Therapy Advisor. “I am confident that this next step in leadership will allow us to provide the tools and expertise districts need to refine special education training and support.”

The shortage of special education professionals is a critical issue nationwide and can lead to larger class sizes, less individualized instruction, and increased burnout. Additionally, students with disabilities may not receive the necessary support and accommodations to succeed in school. The Clinical Special Education Advisory team works with districts to ensure all students have access to high-quality education.

With these added professionals to the Clinical Special Education Advisory team, BlazerWorks can continue to be a comprehensive special education advisory services provider. They work with districts and school-based professionals as a single point of contact to fully integrate clinical expertise into learning environments, enrich therapists and teachers, enhance school staff and staffing programs, and elevate the educational experience. The service, provided at no additional cost to school districts, consists of a dedicated team of Special Education Teachers, School Psychologists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and other related service providers.

BlazerWorks Clinical Special Education Advisory team offers expertise, insights and perspectives for schools and education professionals. Services include:

  • Assessment & Instruction
  • Learning & Enrichment
  • Resources & Tools
  • Advising & Mentorship
  • IEP Process Support
  • Providing Solutions

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