BetterLesson Partners with TeachFX to Drive Student-Centered Instructional Practices Through Actionable Data

The partnership pairs BetterLesson’s dynamic professional learning supports with TeachFX’s targeted analysis of student talk patterns and learning dynamics to measure the impact of teaching practices

BetterLesson, a leading provider of high-quality virtual and in-person K–12 professional learning, announces a partnership with TeachFX, whose voice AI technology shows teachers personalized insights about their classroom learning dynamics, instructional practices and meaningful student engagement. The partnership will provide educators with a way to measure learning dynamics when practicing new teaching strategies in the classroom that is safe, secure and aligned to FERPA’s privacy standards.

BetterLesson’s one-on-one, virtual coaching addresses educators’ individual needs when pursuing professional growth in the classroom. With TeachFX, educators using BetterLesson’s professional learning supports now have a secure and user-friendly way to immediately measure incremental shifts in their teaching practices on student engagement and classroom equity. The partnership between BetterLesson and TeachFX deepens BetterLesson’s hallmark “try-measure-learn” framework, giving teachers real-time, actionable insights to refine their approach for improved student outcomes.

“Measuring the impact that evolving teaching practices have on student engagement and participation is perhaps the most powerful insight we can offer to educators during their professional journey,” said Matthew Kennard, CEO of BetterLesson. “We’re proud to level up our professional learning offerings through our partnership with TeachFX. Together, we’re furthering our shared goal to modernize professional learning so that all students have access to a world-class education.”

TeachFX uses voice-activated AI to measure student engagement by analyzing discourse patterns in the classroom. Educators can use TeachFX on their phone, tablet or laptop to record audio of their in-person or virtual classes. The app provides real-time targeted feedback that surfaces insights for teachers on their open-ended questioning, think time, equity of voice and student talk.

In Detroit Public Schools, 300 teachers who participated in ongoing professional learning while using TeachFX as a formative assessment of their professional growth saw a 45% increase in student talk. This shift in talk, in a district where 90% of students come from underrepresented communities, supported their goal of equitable student voice in the classroom. Detroit Public Schools achieved this growth over time through professional learning workshops and other methods to refine teaching skills, demonstrating that TeachFX’s impact is most profound when supported by intentional professional learning methods.

“To make a meaningful change in education, we have to focus on helping teachers become great facilitators and guides of student-centered experiences,” said Jamie Poskin, Co-founder and CEO of TeachFX. “Our mission at TeachFX is to promote more meaningful and equitable classroom dialogue by giving teachers regular, automated feedback on their practice. BetterLesson’s coaching is helping educators leverage TeachFX insights intentionally, and make lasting impact on their pedagogy.”

BetterLesson with TeachFX is now available to schools and school districts.

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