BetterLesson Partners with Kikori to Provide SEL Professional Learning Opportunities for Educators

BetterLesson, a leading provider of high-quality virtual and in-person K–12 professional learning, announces a partnership with Kikori, a community-driven platform that provides experiential social-emotional learning (SEL) activities and curriculum for schools and districts. Together, the partnership provides educators with self-directed SEL professional learning opportunities that incorporate the activities and tools created by Kikori.

According to the Education Week Research Center, 47 percent of educators said that to date, the professional development they’ve received surrounding SEL was only “somewhat effective” and just 12 percent of educators described the opportunities as “very effective.”

“Our partnership with BetterLesson brings SEL-focused professional learning opportunities to educators across the country,” said Kendra Bostick, CEO of Kikori. “Educators recognize the importance of SEL, but don’t always have the time or resources to implement meaningful change. To address this challenge, we’re partnering with BetterLesson and providing self-directed professional learning around SEL with step-by-step support.”

Kikori provides educators with engaging activities that involve active play and intentional reflection, organized into daily calendars and planners to make implementing SEL easy, relevant and fun for educators and students alike. With more than 1,000 community-building activities, educators can access impactful supplemental or comprehensive curriculum right at their fingertips. Kikori helps educators build relationships with their students from Daily Greeting to Closing Circle through team building and leadership activities, with a focus on prevention rather than reaction to classroom behavioral needs.

Through the partnership, Kikori’s lesson plans are available to educators using BetterLesson’s BL Connect, a library of research-based on-demand courses designed to provide every educator with the tools and resources needed to create a student-centered classroom. Leaders and instructional coaches can access a comprehensive dashboard to see the outcomes their teachers are working toward and their professional learning progress.

“At BetterLesson, we’re always searching for new ways to provide meaningful professional learning opportunities,” said Kari Horn Lehman, Director of Partnerships at BetterLesson. “Through partnering with Kikori, teachers of all grade levels can now create an SEL-focused curriculum and receive the support needed to put Kikori to work in their classrooms—connecting teachers with their students more than ever before.”

Learn more about this partnership and see how BetterLesson and Kikori are providing social-emotional learning tools and experiences to districts.

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