Awardees Selected for Inaugural Vernier Science Education Inspiration Grants

Vernier Science Education has named the 10 recipients of its inaugural Vernier Science Education Inspiration Grants. These STEM educators will each receive $1,000 in Vernier technology of their choosing, an annual license for the Vernier Graphical Analysis® Pro app, and three hours of virtual professional development to further support their teaching as they foster students’ STEM literacy.

“There are so many educators who are passionate about bringing exciting, hands-on STEM learning opportunities to students,” said John Wheeler, CEO of Vernier Science Education. “Our Inspiration Grants were designed to provide some of these educators with data-collection technology and professional development to help them offer hands-on, socially relevant STEM learning in their classrooms.”

The 10 grantees were selected from more than 400 submissions by a panel of fellow educators and Vernier employees. The panel considered how the grantees will implement the $1,000 worth of Vernier technology in their classroom or laboratory, their educational institution’s needs, and how the funding and professional development will enhance their instruction and engage their students.

The 2022 Vernier Science Education Inspiration Grant winners are listed below.

  • Jamie Dickinson, Northville Central School, NY
  • Cecelia Gillam, Hahnville High School, LA
  • Robert Hairston, D. M. Therrell High School, GA
  • Jodi Koterba, Simms High School, MT
  • Joshua Kugel, Franklin Learning Center, PA
  • Susan Mumford-Hartley, Hinkley High School, CO
  • Forrest Radarian, Grand Canyon Unified School District, AZ
  • Regine Rosas, STEM Academy of Hollywood, CA
  • Mitch Spear, Penn State Harrisburg, PA
  • Anand Srinivasan, Corinth Holders High School, NC

To learn more about the 2022 Vernier Science Education Inspiration Grants and grantees, visit

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