Award-Winning K-12 Training Courses from Vector Solutions are Now Available in Multiple Languages

New AI -powered Course Translations feature helps schools deliver critical training to every staff member – including staff whose first language may not be English

Vector Solutions, the leading provider of training and software solutions to help schools make their operations and communities safer, smarter, and better, is now offering a Course Translations feature to help school district employees access the company’s extensive library of award-winning K-12 training courses in multiple languages. The new translations feature leverages AI technology to translate the text of the course content, as well as the knowledge checks and assessments that are included with the training modules. Some courses also offer translated machine-generated narration.  The translation feature currently includes English, Spanish and French. An expanded 20-language package will be available in the coming year.

“We are committed to helping districts create safer, more inclusive schools and in order to do that we need to make our training programs accessible to administrators and employees who are more comfortable learning in languages other than English,” said Vector Solutions Head of Product for Education Rob Buelow. “Our new translation feature will help districts better support the safety training needs of all staff members and help them attract and retain a workforce that reflects the diversity of their schools and community.”

Vector Solutions created the new translation feature based on requests from school districts who wanted to be able to offer the mandatory district-wide training courses in other languages in addition to English. The new translation feature is currently available for dozens of courses in Vector’s environmental, health, human resources, nutrition services, social & behavioral, special education, and transportation libraries, with more being added in the coming weeks. It is also available for many state-specific safety and compliance courses. When users log into their course, they can select their preferred language from a drop-down list.  The translation feature will then automatically translate the text throughout the course into that language, including knowledge checks and assessments.

For more information and a list of available translated courses, visit Access to translated courses is based on a school or district’s subscription.

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