Avantis Education’s Eduverse Expeditions Wins Tech & Learning Best of Show Award at ISTELive 22

Eduverse Expeditions provides free immersive VR & AR content and works with Google Expeditions kits

Avantis Education’s Eduverse Expeditions was named a winner in the Tech & Learning Best of Show Awards at ISTELive 22. The awards program recognizes products and solutions displayed at the ISTE edtech conference which show the greatest promise for the industry. Eduverse Expeditions, which is free and accessible on any device, allows educators to take students on virtual field trips and collaborate with them in real time as avatars.

“It was great to be back in person at ISTELive 22 and see so many examples of innovation on the exhibit hall floor,” said Christine Weiser, content director for Tech & Learning in a statement. She called the winners “examples of excellence in terms of value, quality, ease of use, and versatility.”

Eduverse Expeditions is an immersive library of VR and AR content that includes engaging 360-degree photos and videos, 3D models, educator resources, and lesson plans. It is free to schools that already invested in Google Expeditions kits and is powered by the Eduverse, a built-for-education online platform from Avantis Education that allows students to experience fully immersive content and interact with each other as avatars, all in a secure and controlled metaverse.

“Eduverse Expeditions immerses students in virtual reality field trips with their classmates, allowing them to travel to extraordinary places and collaborate there in real time,” said Avantis Education’s Global Sales & Marketing Director, Huw Williams. “It provides endless ways for teachers to enhance the curricula and engage students at a new level in the topics they are learning about. We are honored to have Eduverse Expeditions recognized as a winner of Tech & Learning’s Best of Show Awards.”

Eduverse Expeditions includes hundreds of photos and videos put together in a way that allows educators and students to virtually travel to different cities, continents and countries. They can experience walking with polar bears, swimming with sharks, or they can travel back in time to see what it was like in a World War I trench. Eduverse Expeditions also provides access to a range of virtual 3D models allowing students to get up close to and examine abstract and complex objects such as a human cell or an entire planet.

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