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Handy Handouts, Autism Assessments, Educational Cards, Books, and Games – Now All In One Convenient Location

According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately one out of every 54 children has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, making it one of the most common developmental disabilities in the USA. To help families, teachers, and providers quickly and easily find information and educational materials to support autistic children, Super Duper Publications has created a new Autism Resources section on its website.

The new section provides access to:

  • Super Duper’s Free Autism Handy Handouts. Informational handouts for parents and teachers address topics such as Autism – the Basics, and Autism – It May Not Be What You Think.
  • A Tests section with more than a dozen trusted autism assessments including the REEL-4 Receptive-Expressive Emergent Language Test and the TOPL-2 Test of Pragmatic Language.
  • Super Duper’s autism-related games, cards, books, worksheets, programs and resources, reinforcers, and supplies to support skills in: Language & Pragmatics, Motor Skills, Emotions & Behavior, Sensory Activities, and Social Skills.
  • Games include the Webber Functional Communication Game, and Webber Story Time Communication Boards, which support communication skills for students with limited verbal skills.
  • Cards include the Webber Photo Cards – Emotions, and the Webber BIG Nouns Photo Cards.
  • Books & Worksheets include the Say and Do Social Scenes Combo of books and Simply Social 7 at School, to help students learn how to respond appropriately in different social situations.
  • Programs & Resources include the Processing Program Combo, a program to help children who have difficulty processing language structures and concepts, and Making Good Social Choices Skill Strips – double-sided illustrated cards to help students learn social skills.
  • Reinforcers with motivators like the Erasable Cool Cubes and Token Towers.
  • Supplies such as the OTis Weighted Neck Wrap help children with self-regulation, and the Small Communication Books with Velcro are great for holding communication cards.

“Parents who have children with special needs want and need to be able to find trusted, high-quality resources easily and quickly,” said Super Duper Chairman Thomas Webber. “We’ve seen a huge increase in demand for our autism resources, so we created an Autism Resources section on our website.”

Super Duper Publications creates unique educational materials for children in grades PreK-5, with a special focus on supporting autistic and speech-language challenged, and developmentally delayed students.

“I use Super Duper’s autism products regularly at the private practice where I work. I especially love the sensory products and those that encourage movement like the Yogarilla activity cards. I also use the autism assessments on Super Duper’s site,” said Thaashida Hutton, a speech language pathologist in New York. “Being able to access all of these resources in one place makes it even more convenient to find the products I need.”

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