Aperture Education’s 2021 Winter SEL Guide Supports Social & Emotional Learning during the Winter Months

SEL Guide provides lessons and resources for teachers, students, and families

The winter months are a time when many families celebrate holidays and when students and teachers have a chance to relax and recharge over winter break. Yet many people may also experience increases in stress, anxiety, and loneliness during this time. To support students and educators this winter, Aperture Education, the leading provider of research-based social and emotional learning (SEL) assessments for K-12 schools, has created a free 2021 Winter SEL Guide. The Guide provides activities and strategies for practicing and strengthening the social and emotional skills that can help students and adults have a positive winter break and a strong start to 2022.

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“Building social and emotional competence is helpful in navigating difficult emotions and stress, including those that can sometimes arise during the holiday months,” said Jessica Adamson, CEO of Aperture Education. “One of the best ways to strengthen social and emotional skills is to practice them. Our 2021 Winter SEL Guide is a great resource, full of activities and strategies for both students and teachers to support SEL during the winter break and when school resumes in January.”

The activities in the Winter SEL Guide focus on social and emotional skills such as relationship-building, goal setting, responsible decision-making, self-awareness, social-awareness and self-management. The Guide includes SEL resources for teachers to share with families, resources teachers can use themselves to catch up on SEL professional development, and ideas to help educators plan for the new year.

Articles and resources in the 2021 Winter SEL Guide include:

  • 5 Ways to Support Families with SEL During Winter Break
  • 10 On-Demand SEL Webinars to Watch This Winter Break
  • 5 Ways to Start the New Year Strong
  • An SEL Challenge Activity for Students to Complete at Home
  • 3 Steps Educators Can Take to Build Social and Emotional Competence This Winter Break

 The 2021 Winter Guide is one way Aperture supports educators, administrators, parents and out-of-school time programs in promoting SEL in classrooms and homes. The company also offers regular webinars, an SEL conference, downloadable resources for families, and a professional development program for teachers.

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